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Cannobio and surroundings

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Cannobio, a precious gem nestled between the mountains and the green waters of Lake Maggiore...

Join us in the following pages to discover the beauties of this final stretch of Italy before the Swiss border. The undisputed protagonist is nature: sky, water, and mountains that sometimes merge and become one.

Cannobio and Cannobina Valley

There are numerous hamlets that make up this particularly vast municipality, with the largest one being Traffiume with its Orrido di S. Anna (St. Anna Ravine). It is separated from the main town by the Cannobino stream, which originates in the valley and flows into the lake.

Excursions and sports

Our lake and mountains offer endless possibilities for excursions, ranging from easy to challenging ones.

Mountain biking, golf, zip-lining, and much more.

The islands of Lake Maggiore

Discover Lake Maggiore: there are many islands, large, small, or tiny, divided among the 8 in Piedmont, 2 in Switzerland, and 2 in Lombardy, for a total of 12.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of the Most Holy Piety, located on the beautiful lakeside of Cannobio, with Il Portico on its sides, was built by the will of Saint Charles Borromeo between 1575 and 1614, following the miraculous events of 1522 that took place in the residence of the Zacchei family.

Borromean Islands

The Borromean Islands are a group of islands located in Lake Maggiore, on the border between Italy and Switzerland. They are named after the Italian aristocratic family of Borromeo, who have owned and taken care of them throughout the centuries.

Villas and gardens

The villas and gardens of Lake Maggiore offer a unique experience for nature, art, and architecture lovers. Each villa has its distinctive charm, and its magnificent gardens are a refuge of beauty and tranquility.

Lake Orta

One of the distinctive features of Lake Orta is its natural beauty. Surrounded by gentle hills and mountains, the lake offers breathtaking views that will leave you speechless. Its crystal-clear waters reflect the splendid backdrop of picturesque villages and lush vegetation that extends to the shores.

Market, shopping and museums

Cannobio’s market is a regular event: every Sunday morning from 8 am to around 2 pm, throughout the year, the lakeside comes alive with stalls, colors, scents, and people from all over.

There are also factory outlets, shopping centers, and outlets in the area.

Furthermore, discover the museums in Cannobio and its surroundings.